Galaxy Utilities provide broadband services for our residential and commercial customers. Look through our packages to see which suits your needs for your home or your business. Our range of broadband packages for home and business users allow customers to reap the rewards of modern day multimedia web sites, file sharing, internet telephony, instant messaging and email communication. Please click on the icons below to access more detailed information about the service.

Selection of high speed Internet connections upto 16mb!
Capped and Unmetered ADSL solutions for varying budgets and requirements. Now featuring ADSL 2+ "next generation" broadband packages.



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Would you like to be able to manage all your services from one account. Now you can. Manage everything from hosting, domains, broadband, fax to email, Calls and Line Rental

We make it simple for you with statistical charts and graphs seeing all your calls and charges updated every 24 hours !!