Galaxy Utilities deals with a variety of energy contracts from residential to commercial. There are some helpful topics on this site to help you understand more about your commercial needs and types of tariffs that you will be on. Energy has always been a very important part of the human life and will continue in the future. This is why at Galaxy Utilities we always place you on the correct tariff with the most suitable supplier for your needs at a contract length that you decide.

Through the many years of experience that the staff at Galaxy Utilities have. We have found that either in residential or commercial energy customers always struggle to understand their energy bills. We have always found that if our customers understand how their bills work. Then our customers are always more than satisfied with the service we provide.

We are here to help with any of your energy needs. We p[rovide a FREE informationservice to all our customers and we even resolve any issues you have with your current supplier.

Best of all we provide this service to all of our customers FREE OF CHARGE.

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Would you like to be able to manage all your services from one account. Now you can. Manage everything from hosting, domains, broadband, fax to email, Calls and Line Rental

We make it simple for you with statistical charts and graphs seeing all your calls and charges updated every 24 hours !!