Procuring gas and electricity at competitive rates as well as gaining a high level of service need no longer be a time-consuming headache. Galaxy Utilities has the solution.

We are an established UK energy consultancy providing a comprehensive service
(at no cost to the client)

Our services include: to all types of commercial organisations.

* procuring electricity and gas at competitive prices
* bill validation and account reconciliation
* validation of VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL)
* tariff analyses and budget forecasts
* resolving contractual disputes
* automatic meter reading (AMR) and energy management software
* advice on energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy
* a dedicated account manager
* online access to all your energy accounts

Galaxy Utilities monitors the electricity and gas wholesale and retail markets, constantly reviewing all tariff options.

We at Galaxy Utilities are well versed and acquainted with the workings of individual suppliers. Our priority is to ensure good customer service combined with competitive pricing.


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Would you like to be able to manage all your services from one account. Now you can. Manage everything from hosting, domains, broadband, fax to email, Calls and Line Rental

We make it simple for you with statistical charts and graphs seeing all your calls and charges updated every 24 hours !!