Here at Galaxy Utilities we understand what it means to be on the right tariff for your business this is why we will always aims to provide our customers with the cheapest and best rated telecoms packages. Galaxy Utilities provide a wider scope of services all of which can be fully controlled using the one purpose built control panel platform.

Making sure your business is on the right track

Our aim isn't to just supply you with a cheaper alternative to larger call providers. Using our own telecom billing platform we are able to provide you with a multitude of analysis tools to get to information that means something to you and your business. Unlike other providers who send paper itemised calls which are often summaries, we provide detailed online logs of every call made including duration destination and cost. The search facilites can then allow you to make accurate cost summaries on a per destination basis.

We aim to tailor all our packages to suit your needs. This is why we like you to know exactly how much you are spending and how you are spending it. We believe in providing a quality service and this is why we do not use connection charges as most telecoms providers do. We believe in billing you for what you have used on a per second basis. Rather than increasing your costs minute by minute.


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What Makes Us Different

Would you like to be able to manage all your services from one account. Now you can. Manage everything from hosting, domains, broadband, fax to email, Calls and Line Rental

We make it simple for you with statistical charts and graphs seeing all your calls and charges updated every 24 hours !!